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Love the arts? Become a part of the Friends of Kerr VIP Club!

Your annual support helps the venue maintain our historic buildings, curate unique programming., produce free cultural participation events and share Performances for Students in person and online. Join the club today and proudly show that you cherish the cultural opportunities and connections ASU Kerr creates in our community. 

You will be a key part of sustaining an Arizona treasure while getting perks in return.

Benefits include:

Making an Impact

In April 2022, students from around the Valley were able to experience DNAWORKS’ and Christopher Rivas’ solo theater work, “The Real James Bond Was Dominican.” The play braided Rivas’ experiences as a child and actor-to-be with the true story of Porfirio Rubirosa, the Dominican man upon whom author Ian Fleming based his James Bond character. Why had Bond only been played by men that did not share similar origins as Rubirosa? Why were the acting roles offered to Rivas in his own career reflective of the same issues in Hollywood casting?

Students were able to delve deeper into these true stories and share their own perspectives and experiences with identity and erasure in a post-show story circle. The event had in-person student attendees and remote livestream viewers at schools. This Performance for Students was entirely made possible through the contributions of donors.