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Prince Haru: The Forest Has Arrived –

March 11 @ 7:30 pm

The Forest Has Arrived — Emerging from the depths of the Amazon rainforest, the leaders of the Kuntanawa people–the guardians of the Amazon–are making a rare stop in the Phoenix metro area for an evening of sharing ancient songs and chants, stories, photos, indigenous wisdom and more.

Join us at ASU Kerr for this transformative encounter with Haru Kuntanawa, recognized as the prince of the Amazon rainforest, and his wife, Dr. Hayra Kuntanawa. The event will open with a presentation by Haru and close with a full set of beautiful music.

They will share the deep knowing of the diverse flora, fauna and species that exist in their Amazon home, a vital natural carbon-storage rainforest that they believe can determine the survival of our planet and our ability to prevent irreversible climate disasters.

Haru and Dr. Hayra’s goal is to spread their message, share Kuntanawa culture and forge new friendships and alliances in the quest to safeguard the sacred Amazon rainforest, ancestral knowledge and indigenous traditions.

The event’s proceeds will contribute to the Kuntanawa people’s initiatives in protecting the Amazon rainforest amidst current climate challenges. The Kuntanawa Nation confronts a flooding crisis caused by extensive corporate deforestation efforts.

Your support for these guardians extends to the well-being of all beings on Earth. 

about our guests:

Haru Kuntanawa
Haru stands as a guiding light among indigenous communities in Brazil.

At 16, Chief Haru ventured beyond the remote forest of Acre, Brazil into the modern world, encountering technology, money, systems and urban landscapes previously unknown to him. His journey symbolizes a quest for justice and healing that has deepened its roots and blossomed new hope for the rainforest.

As the esteemed leader of the Kuntanawa Nation, Haru deeply respects traditional wisdom and the sacred healing properties of natural plant medicine. He took visionary steps to safeguard and honor these ancient practices. He played a pivotal role in organizing the Pano Corridor Project, a groundbreaking initiative uniting diverse tribes, nations and allies worldwide, fostering a deeper understanding between cultures across continents as they actively defend the Amazon from corporate exploitation.

Haru serves as the president of the Ascak Association, passionately advocating for collective rights and interests. His dedication, influential spirit and collaboration with Dr. Hayra drive efforts to protect the Amazon and inspire global harmony. Their message is ultimately one of hope, unity and positive possibilities.

Dr. Hayra Kuntanawa
Dr. Hayra, co-leader of the Kuntanawa Nation, is a deeply respected medicine woman, Chinese Medicine doctor and adept teacher. Her healing journey spans continents, with expertise in Oriental Medicine, hypnotherapy and various healing arts. Alongside her leadership role, she is recognized for her roles as a mother, musician and world-renowned activist.

Together with Haru, they lead, research plant medicine and pioneer spiritual practices in the Kuntanawa community, spreading a vision of global unity and harmony with Earth.

Learn more at

Instagram: @kuntanawanation


$33 general admission