Quarteto Nuevo – “Jazz Road Suite” Live


Quarteto Nuevo – “Jazz Road Suite” Live

Quarteto Nuevo’s music creates gently rhythmic soundscapes, propelled by soprano saxophone, woodwinds, cello, guitar and percussion. Immerse yourself in the enchanting live concert recording of “Jazz Road Suite” at ASU Kerr!


Navajo trumpeter Delbert Anderson builds safe havens for Diné melodies to converse with various styles. D’DAT researches Diné melodies of the past for inspiration, performs our stories for today and preserves cultural and indigenous roots music for the future.

International Jazz Day AZ Foundation co-presents JADE

From jazz and pop to R&B, hear JADE, a young and focused singer-songwriter on the rise. Don’t miss this very special homecoming for an Arizona star!

Charles Lewis Quintet + 1

Back for a second performance! Meet pianist Charles Lewis, a living Phoenix jazz legend. Experience Latin jazz at the hands of a beloved and talented bandleader and his mates!

Caro Pierotto – Sambalismo!

Commanding rooms with her presence from the first note, globe-trotting GRAMMY nominee Caro Pierotto brings her samba celebration program to the warm acoustics of ASU Kerr.

Charles Lewis performs on the grand piano at ASU Kerr under stage lights for a rapt audience

Latin Jazz: Charles Lewis Quintet + 1

Experience Latin jazz at the hands of a beloved and talented Phoenix bandleader with beautiful history in the Valley as a dancer, jazz player and spiritual touchstone.

Brian Runbeck and Shana Bousard images with Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby image in the center

Shana Bousard + Brian Runbeck: Fancy Meeting You Here

ASU Kerr Brand Liftoff and Midseason Preview

You’re invited for a first look at the fabulous, fun and funky new upgrades to ASU Kerr, complete with live music, light bites, cocktails and more!

Charles Lewis Quintet

Swing with a perennial ASU Kerr favorite, Charles Lewis Quintet, plus a couple dashes of some extra spice in the form of his fantastic friends. You’ll hear grooving jazz and lush, full sounds from an ensemble led by a living Phoenix legend and true friend to our namesake Louise Lincoln Kerr. Lewis will even share some insights into the iconic woman that created the hip and historical house where culture flourishes in Scottsdale.


Globally-acclaimed singer Lamiae Naki was born in the ancient city of Fes, Morocco. Her ensemble Seffarine channel their profound knowledge of the music of the intersection of Middle Eastern, African and European cultures: both sides of the Straits of Gibraltar. From the ninth to 15th centuries these cultures coexisted in peace, bringing into being a musical alchemy that influenced the foundations of classical Arabic and European Renaissance music.