Quarteto Nuevo – “Jazz Road Suite” Live


Quarteto Nuevo – “Jazz Road Suite” Live

Quarteto Nuevo’s music creates gently rhythmic soundscapes, propelled by soprano saxophone, woodwinds, cello, guitar and percussion. Immerse yourself in the enchanting live concert recording of “Jazz Road Suite” at ASU Kerr!

Charles Lewis Quintet + 1

Back for a second performance! Meet pianist Charles Lewis, a living Phoenix jazz legend.

Dendê and Band

Dendê Macêdo and his band merge the rhythm-heavy samba and rumba of Brazil with the grooves of afrobeat, reggae and merengue in this very special show celebrating the textures and joy of the music of the African diaspora.

Caro Pierotto – Sambalismo!

Commanding rooms with her presence from the first note, globe-trotting GRAMMY nominee Caro Pierotto brings her samba celebration program to the warm acoustics of ASU Kerr.

Charles Lewis performs on the grand piano at ASU Kerr under stage lights for a rapt audience

Latin Jazz: Charles Lewis Quintet + 1

Jazz club vibes! Experience Latin jazz at the hands of a beloved and talented PHX bandleader with beautiful history in the Valley as a dancer, jazz player and spiritual touchstone.

Traveler – Unplugged

Composer and bandleader Scott Jeffers has traveled extensively across the globe to gather inspiration; composing most of his songs while surrounded by faraway people and landscapes brings a true authenticity to his fiery and passionate violin and vocal performances. This performance will be a special acoustic performance, only at ASU Kerr!

Sahnas Brothers stand holding their instruments

Summer Sessions: The Sahnas Brothers

The Sahnas Brothers have created a magical and intimate Mediterranean style, beautifully blending the sounds and rhythms of their native Greek culture, the Desert Southwest and Spanish guitar. They’ll be joined by violinist Suzanne Lansford!

Moabi bows his head with hands together in a dark jacket

SUMMER SESSIONS: Moabi Kotu Experience

Dansense Nrtyabodya line drawing logo

Dansense – open dance showings

Dansense is working on an exciting new piece for its Prakriti production. Join us for an informal showing!

Ganesh and Kumaresh laugh to one another whilst playing their violins outdoors on a white bench

GK50 – Ganesh & Kumaresh

Here is a small perspective of the brothers talking about their journey! Kumaresh gets philosophical. “We talk about creating music, but the truth is, it is music that uses us as instruments. We are just able to connect to some force. Some call it ‘God’ or ‘divine power.’ But how do you explain the fact that people like what you play?” he asks. Ganesh agrees, “There are many who practice a lot but are unable to make that connection with the audience when they play. That’s why it’s called adhrishta. A lot of people think adhrishta means luck, but it actually means something that cannot be seen A-drishta.” “We naturally understand that there is something higher than us which is in operation. We are lucky that it is connected to us,” Kumaresh completes his brother’s thoughts. THE EVENT IS COMPLETELY FREE FOR STUDENTS UP TO 12th grade (student ID is needed at the entrance). CALLING YOUTH ARTISTS OF AZ – It’s a perfect way to end your Academic School year and welcome summer vacation!!! Experience Ganesh & Kumaresh, the musical legends who redefined the sound of music! Join us in the celebration of the amazing brothers’ 50-year musical journey TOGETHER – GK50.