Wyatt Earp – A Life on the Frontier


Wyatt Earp the actor dressed as Wyatt Earp in black suit, hat and stopwatch

Wyatt Earp – A Life on the Frontier

All proceeds from this theater event benefit the venue and will enable us to connect even more communities in the Valley!

Worker throwing stack of paper into the air and celebrating in the falling sheets

Gather storytelling – “Quitting Time”

Join our guest host and folktale teller for a fun evening of true personal stories and more!

Songs and Stories from a Not-Quite-Kosher Life

Broadway musical theater actress Penny Orloff’s solo show is back on the road, bursting with heirloom melodies, stories of her Jewish immigrant family and tales from her zany life in showbiz.

Welcome to Indian Country — An Indigenous Celebration of Original Music and Poetry

“Welcome to Indian Country” is an evening celebrating Native culture through music and storytelling. A world-class musical ensemble of five is joined by storyteller and Washington State Poet Laureate, Rena Priest. Together they weave new songs and compositions with poignant and witty poetry and satire.